The Interprise suite is a complete and comprehensive accounting and commerce package for small and medium sized businesses who are looking for an integrated solution for all their accounts management needs. The Interprise Suite handles Customer Relationship Management, Accounts, Business Intelligence, eCommerce, Reports, Credit Control, Trade Counter, Faxing, Inventory Management, Order Processing and more.

  • In contrast with competing systems, there is no need to add a separate CRM system such as Act! or Goldmine- the functionality is built in to the system.
  • It is possible with a few clicks to convert a prospect to a customer and a quote to an order.
  • The CRM system can be used to prospect existing customers for new business.
  • Related products and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities can be automatically identified.
  • Composite and "build" items can be defined, built up from base-level items.
  • All components work from the same database, requiring no tedious re-keying.
  • The system is written in an extensible way, allowing enhancements to be created as plug-ins, meaning no re-development is needed for a level upgrade.
  • The system can be accessed wherever there is network access- over your Local Area Network, or remotely via the internet. Salesmen in the field, remote or home-based employees, or your accountant/bookkeeper can all access the system remotely (with appropriate security).
  • Remote users use the same client software, not a cut-down version via a web-browser.
  • The same product works from a single-user installation up to a multi-desk, multi-company installation: no need to convert data and learn new menus as your requirements grow.
  • Menus can be customised for different levels of access and restricted by user.
Options include:

  • A payroll service plugin.
  • A fully-featured e-commerce website driven from the database:
    • change stock levels or prices and the change is instantly reflected on your site.
    • Customers can set up accounts online and be added to your database.
    • Orders entered online are immediately entered into the database, and any re-order rules triggered.
The Interprise Suite continues to turn heads, as the first fully amendable business suite, offering plug-in architecture that supports easy to deploy amendments to solve specific business related issues as they come up over time. As individual elements in the Interprise Suite continue to see upgrades and new innovations, these customized amendments will be easy to bring over to the new system, because the look, feel, and logic of the system overall will never change drastically.

Cleopatra Consultants Limited is an official reseller for Interprise Suite products in the area.
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