There are a number of components required to import Excel1 data into BIS:

The BISXL component

The BISXL component is implemented as a COM DLL.

The component must be installed in a directory where the BIS/ICE Service account has execute access.

There is no requirement to have Excel1 installed on the server.

Calling the BISXL component

Firstly, an instance of the component must be created before any use:

@     ccc,100 BISXL.Channel <h>I6 <err>S100 .

Then the DataDef file needs to be declared,

This can be kept in a file and retrieved as required, or stored in a report- in this example, we'll assume that it's kept in RID 123A.

@    rsl,0,A,123 .
@    ldv,W <lf>H2=CHR$ 15 ldv,W <lf>(2-1)=CHR$ 12 .
@    ccp,100 <h>,DataDef BSTR[] (-0,<lf>) S100 .

The file and sheet for the data source can then be specified:

@    ldv,P <book>S50='C:\cleo\bisxl\demo.xls'
@    ldv,P <sheet>S50='Demo' .
@    cci,100 <h>,Import BSTR,BSTR <book>,<sheet> ''  .

Finally, the output is retrieved, and the instance discarded.

@    ccg,100 <h>,RID (0,I,-0,<lf>)  S100 .
@    rnm -1 .
@    ccr <h> .

Result -1 will now contain the extracted data formatted as a BIS report.

The licence file

The licence file is a text file called key.txt, which is to be installed in the same directory as the BISXL Component. If there is no valid licence file, the component will only return a limited number of rows.

The licence file will be generated and sent to you on completion of a purchase.

The spreadsheet

A valid Excel1 spreadsheet is required to perform an import- you must specify the full path of the file and the name of the sheet within the file to retrieve data.

Click here to download a demo version.

N.B.The current version of BISXL will not open Native Excel1 2007 sheets- save as an older version such as Excel 2003.
We are working on a fix for this. which will be a free upgrade to purchasers of BISXL 1.0

(1) "Excel" is a trade mark of the Microsoft Corporation